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Coldplay – Ink acapella

"Ink" is a song recorded by British alternative rock band Coldplay from their sixth studio album Ghost Stories (2014). It was released as the fifth overall single from the album on 13 October 2014. Prior to its single release, "Ink" debuted at number 156 on the UK Singles Chart.

The animated video was designed by production team, Blind. An interactive video of "Ink" was uploaded on Coldplay's official website. An official cut was made and uploaded on YouTube.
Lenght: 3:45
Bitrate: 320 kb/s
Downloads: 275

The official cut video begins with a couple lying on a beach, the woman leaves the man on the beach and walks into the woods. The man take the compass (which contain an image of the woman) and follow the woman. The woman walks into a path on the left side. The man soon arrives at the branch path and decide to walk into the right side. The man is upset and looks into a water puddle on the road. The video continue with the man's drifting in the ocean, looking to a cloud which represent to the woman. The man falls after arrive to a waterfall. A bird saves the man and the man falls down after that. Many papers surround the man and build a staircase. The man climbs up and looking at the stars with a telescope. The man sees many constellations and the constellations are the image of the couple. The man rides on a sailboat and arrives to a mega waterfall. The woman appears and saves the man at the end of the video.
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